Austin, TX –Great Springs Project is pleased to present the Great Springs Trails Plan for the proposed 100+ mile spring-to-spring network of trails from the Alamo to the Capitol. Thanks to the expert guidance of Alta Planning + Design, this plan is a living document that serves as a resource for the completion of the trail network by the Texas Bicentennial in 2036. Sections of the trail will likely be built in phases, with the order of phases depending on key factors such as funding, landowner negotiation, establishing right-of-way, permitting, design, and construction. This plan represents a major step forward on the path to implementation of the 100-mile trail and can be viewed on the Great Springs Project website at 

The trail will connect San Antonio, Austin, and the communities between, linking San Antonio Springs, Comal Springs, San Marcos Springs, and Barton Springs. Some portions of the trail are already built, like sections of the Violet Crown Trail in Austin and the Dante Trail in San Marcos’ Purgatory Creek Natural Area in San Marcos. In other places, trail alignments have been planned by local communities, or have alignments that are still to be determined. 

Please see the attached Press Release with quotes from the Honorable Henry Cisneros of San Antonio; LCRA General Manager, Phil Wilson; Executive Director of Texas Parks & Wildlife, Carter Smith; Great Springs Project CEO, Garry Merritt; and Jessica James of General Motors.

Click here to view the Press Release for the Great Springs Trail Plan