Levels of Corporate Partnerships

Springs Supporter | $5,000

Supports the production of branded pocket guides, highlighting points of interest and public trail, transit, and travel opportunities along the Great Springs Trail.

Aquifer Advocate | $7,500

Supports public meetings in underrepresented communities with alternative transportation experts and advocates to identify, build, and sustain low-cost transportation options.

Texas Trailblazer | $10,000

Provides branded wayfinding signage and trail route maps at and for key trailheads along the Great Springs Trail.

Watershed Hero | $20,000

Supports case studies to further understand the impact of forests on carbon capture and sequestration, the impact of water quality and quantity in the aquifer, and local habitat protection.

Preservation Partner | $30,000

Supports trail construction on conserved land in the Hill Country.

Conservation Champion | $50,000

Supports Great Springs Project’s mission and will be acknowledged with a celebratory event, press release, and regional recognition tailored to the donor.

Payment for corporate sponsorships may be submitted by check or EFT. Checks may be delivered to:

Great Springs Project
P.O. Box 12331
Austin, TX 78711

To contribute by EFT or for additional information on corporate partnerships, please contact development@greatspringsproject.org.

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